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vE is helping enterprises of all scale solve their biggest challenges on business performance and potential, Analytics, Cost, Return on Investment, Revenue, Productivity, Managing Business Relationships, Human Capital, Collaboration.

For enterprises of every size.

For businesses of any scale, we have the right solutions to help you exceed your business goals. From all-in-one business management software, that helps you manage all the critical business functions in one place, to customized solutions built on our vE platform, so you can integrate your existing systems with vE and get the best of both worlds.

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vE is your business performance management tool. Not only vE enables, but it rather drives your organisation to achieve your business performance metrics like cost reduction, increase revenue, increase productivity, reduce attrition, increase ROI, et al. So let the vE tool and team behind it do this part while you focus on your key strategic areas.

Drive and Exceed Your Business KPIs and ROIs on ONE Business Tool.


vE Enterprise product and its team has exceeded our expectations when designing and customising Performance Management and Employee Self Service Portal suiting to our specific need and integrating the developed solution with our existing SAP and other application. We decide to go with vE due to strong technical and domain expertise of the team, and openness to customise the tool for our large enterprise needs spread over multiple entities and geographies, businesses and thus varied complexities. vE enterprise is our long term solution to be rolled out in various areas.

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