Enable collaboration between external and internal stakeholders to improve efficiencies

Collaborate effectively

vE has a collaboration tool for various communities that makes it possible to collaborate via a virtual platform. It intends to be the single inter-& intra-channel tool for organizations, institutes, and other bodies that democratizes the process of collaboration. It is the first quotient-building platform that promotes social, learning, professional, entrepreneurship and emotional quotient among its communities.


Our customers have achieved on an average 10% cost reduction in payroll through automating attendance and time management processes and entire payroll process.

How it works

Not only we automate the process and minimize manual intervention, our HR and Payroll experts study dashboards to see where improvements needs to be done and gaps to be removed


ValeurHR has streamlined our HR processes. Being a cloud-based product, makes it a big plus as our employees can access it from anywhere. They are constantly improving and adding new features based on our feedback! ValeurHR has become an crucial part of our company. A great application and a committed crew gets our big thumbs up as the top choice!

Drive and Exceed Your Business KPIs and ROIs on ONE Business Tool.

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