Financial Management

Financial Management

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Stay on top of your business with stress free financial management

ROIs, Costs projections, Revenues, Profits, Rates, et al across all functions and activities of the organisation can be measured through simple financial management of all functions in the organisation. vE seamlessly integrates all functions input and outputs to drive key financial metrics whether it is Sales Cost per employee or Per Deal or specific customer, Cost Per Hire by position or department or hiring manager or recruiter or source or location, Rate and cost of absenteeism, Revenue per employee, Overtime rate per employee, cost of production to loss of productivity for various accounts, et al and many more such metrics that keeps your organisation on track to success from single tool (business performance meeting business potential!!).

Financial Dashboards / analytics allows you to track your various financial metrics in Green, Amber or Red, so you can take prompt action proactively, when need be rather than doing post analysis only.

Financial Management Function of vE can easily integrate to any existing applications organisations may already have for their HR, Project Management, Sales, Supply Chain, Production, et al. And it can be customisable to suit specific needs.


vE customers are driving the business performance goals of their organisations, whether driving 15% plus reduction in cost of hiring or improving per employee productivity by 10% or Increase Revenue per sale or Gross margin per sale by monitoring all progress through financial management module of vE.

How it works

Financial Metrics are driven through data from across the vE tool and / or connecting with external applications that enterprises have. This is further matched with pre-defined goals of the organisations and desired outcomes are assessed. Further the desired goals are driven through smart intelligent Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning enabled analytics. By making system learn constantly through AI / Machine Learning helps desired notifications and inputs from tool to various employees (across the levels and business functions) enabling them to take prompt actions for their business functions.

vE helped us streamline our operations. vE is flexible and integrates well with some of our existing systems that compliment it’s functionality. The vExecution team has gone the extra step to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of vE into our organisation, underscoring their commitment to our success.

Drive and Exceed Your Business KPIs and ROIs on ONE Business Tool.

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