Large Enterprise


A suite of applications strategically planned by experts keeping in mind the challenges of large enterprises

vE Employee Support Desk Bot
vE ESS (Employee Self Service) Bot is the support desk that helps your organisation to enable all employee and inter department dependencies solved in most efficient manner.Learn More »
vE Customer Desk
vE Customer Desk Bot is the Customer Services engine for your organisation that drives better customer engagement and conversion / retention.Learn More »
vExecution All-In-One
vE is helping enterprises of all scale solve their biggest challenges on business performance and potential, Analytics, Cost, Return on Investment, Revenue and more.Learn More »
vE Analytics
Enable Faster and more accurate decision making by bringing all of your enterprise dashboards at one place with vE Data Analytics platform.Learn More »
vE Enterprise
vE Enterprise solution helps medium and large enterprises to bridge gap between objectives and the actual outcome of the IT solutions implemented in the organisations.Learn More »

ValeurHR has streamlined our HR processes. Being a cloud-based product, makes it a big plus as our employees can access it from anywhere. They are constantly improving and adding new features based on our feedback! ValeurHR has become an crucial part of our company. A great application and a committed crew gets our big thumbs up as the top choice!

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