Automate processes for
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Schedule projects for sequences, dates and resources. Do project planning to engage the parties concerned. Measure the efforts, costs and resources incurred in the completion of a project. Predicts the time the project will take to complete and setbacks it may face.


  • Project Management

Project Management

With a reasonable planning, vE’s PMaaS (Project Management as a Service) provides access to a wide portfolio of project skills, made available on demand extendable to a large team of fully utilized project professionals. Our innovative resource on-demand model allows you increase or decrease Project Management resources in sync with your delivery needs. While traditional resourcing models try to match individual skills with roles, PMaaS in vE proactively and flexibly provides you the right solutions that grows and evolves with your project.

A well-managed Project Management team can help you address these challenges in order to ensure the successful delivery of your project. We will work in partnership with you to understand your goals and establish a structure to achieve these goals and ensure successful project delivery.

We will work with you for all your Project Management needs. Whether you wish to deploy a new Project Management office, need help in operating a Project Management Office or if you want your existing Project Management office to be optimized and enhanced to meet upcoming challenges, features and services.

Advantages of vE Project management

  • Strong planning by team at every stage of the project
  • Proactive analysis of the gaps covered with due diligence
  • Arrest risks at an early stage and quick mitigation
  • Consistent project management delivery approach across projects, clients and geographies, to ensure on time, quality and within cost delivery
  • Setup of effective and essential communication channels to reduce any communication gaps
  • Accountability for project and business success through the use of consistent project performance measurements and metrics
  • Periodic audits to check any deviations
  • Industry wide experience from various domains like HR, IT, Manufacturing, Education, FMCG, Telecom, Fintech to name a few
  • Use of industry acknowledged Project Management experiences and best practices
  • Close knit team uses in house tools, leverages assets and common processes for consistent delivery
  • Post project BAU operations monitoring to assure the benefits of completed project
  • A mature team with average experience of 21 years of Project Management
  • A continuous effort for developing and nurturing a committed community of professionals
  • vE helps managing the projects that gives options to Assign or delegate tasks, update or edit tasks, manage one’s own tasks and view a holistic report to get the status of tasks

Individual Tasks progress status during a Project Life Cycle

What vE offers in Project Management

Virtual Project Management Office

  1. Deploying a Project Management team/office on premise
  2. Operate your Project Management office for you
  3. Enhance your existing Project Management team

Deploying a Project Management team or office on premise

We help you deploy a Project Management team in your office. Assess the current working environment and develop a team deployment roadmap that incorporates your organization’s culture and operating practices. We will engage with you to identify, prioritize, and establish a set of fundamental Project Management functions and services. We will also help you in establishing standards for governance, creating the PMO Charter and a communications plan, along with the identification of resource needs and performance measures. We will incorporate the right amount of repeatable delivery processes to fit your culture, and improve the competency of your staff through continuous training.

Operating your Project Management office for you

We understand that you are best at what you do, but might be short-strapped when it comes to a Project Management office. We will work in partnership with you to understand your goals and establish a structure to achieve these goals.

Enhancing your existing Project Management team

We understand that you are increasingly being challenged to provide additional business value to your organization. Your projects must be delivered faster and at a lower cost. As management demands greater transparency, your Project Management Office becomes the catalyst for optimized project resources and vE can help you and your organization rise up to this challenge.

Our team’s assessment will take your Project Management Office to the next level. We perform an objective evaluation of your existing structure and the core knowledge areas and provide you with recommendations targeted to enhance it. We will develop a new roadmap for changes, identify strength and weakness to work collaboratively with you to create an innovative implementation plan for deployment.

vE is a good tool which provides a platform for various communities. It has made teamwork easy as one can create as many groups as well as add an unlimited number of admins and members to it. It has made people socialize and learn on a single platform. Its learning videos are outstanding and provide in-depth knowledge

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