On-time & Accurate
Payroll Management

On-time & Accurate Payroll Management

Reduce time to generate payroll, improve accuracy of payroll, reduce cost of payroll and compliances, timely compliances, increase employee satisfaction, improve retention, et al. Integrate your time management and attendance, employee portal, reimbursements, sales (For incentives, etc), performance management system (For performance bonus, etc), other modules to have seamless payroll processing considering all inputs. Customise Payroll suiting to your specific country compliances and bylaws as well as your specific company requirements of structure of compensation and benefits. Our team of global payroll experts will guide you if you need any help with the setting up progressive payroll structure and follow compliances.

  • Review Payroll dashboards and in-building analytics to view overtime, rate and cost of absenteeism, payroll cost over period of time, compliances showcased in amber, red or green showcasing if they are met, set up notifications to ensure your organisation doesn’t miss any important timelines, remind managers through alerts to approve leave, attendance, other requests of employees on time to avoid delays.
  • Integrate payroll and time management with IoT (Internet of Things) devices to capture real time pay outs details or as and when needed.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction & retention with on time, errorless payroll.


Our customers have achieved on an average 10% cost reduction in payroll through automating payroll process, along with our attendance and time management modules. Our clients have got 100% accuracy in payroll calculations without zero employee grievances on pay, our alerts keep our customers submit their compliances around pay, on time and with 100% accuracies

How it works

Not only we automate the process and minimize manual intervention, our dashboards allow customers to see promptly where improvements are needed and gaps to be removed. Strong data algorithms and workflows, along with simple interface, allow seamless employees self-service (ESS) including mangers.


vE All-in-One brings unique proposition, unlike any available in the market. Its vision is pretty well aligned with what our business needs. Apart from simple to use and highly effective product, vE has great support team who has gone out of the way to cater to our specific configuration requirements and ensure product is effectively used by all our employees and there is considerable increase in employee satisfaction and productivity. With vE payroll and time attendance management modules, we have been able consistently in our payroll process. vE team of payroll experts also helped to streamline compensation and benefits structure across the organisation, thus solving long term problem.

Drive and Exceed Your Business KPIs and ROIs on ONE Business Tool.

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