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vE Analytics

Enable Faster and more accurate decision making by bringing all of your enterprise’s dashboards at one place with vE Data Analytics platform. Stop looking at different software for different data / dashboards, worse working manually on spreadsheets. vE data analytics, allows you to integrate various software tools under one platform of vE so you won’t have to look elsewhere or ask multiple team members or multiple software. Let vE be your friendly bot at command to run complex algorithms and data analytics, to present the perfect well made final dashboard to consume.


Our customers have been able to improve sales strategies through vE data analytics, by taking real time decision on past performance and potential / opportunities mapped from market & individual team members. They could increase sales from 20-30% by just having right dashboards real time.

How it works

vE Data analytics runs complex algorithms within its suite of various modules as well as integrated with external applications (with APIs allowed or otherwise our Technology team does the wonders) including spreadsheets to generate real time dashboards for decision makers.

Do you want to know how your organisation is doing? Various reports under data analytics is the answer to your organization’s performance analysis. The reports give you data to analyse the employees in the organization, group them by location or by department. A dashboard to quickly analyse the active users on vE, which modules they are using and what application they are spending more time on. The Talent Management team gets various report that cat handy for them to assess the health of recruitment. Ageing report of open positions, ageing report of candidates in system, a joining report that consists of people joined or in pipeline to join, etc. The data analysis is practically under every module for you to analyse the actual organization performance.

Acquaintance HR

vE cloud-based Talent Management system helps me in managing Recruitment Process which includes job requisitions and postings, applicant sourcing, selection with easy reporting and a convenient mobile app for employees- saving time and effort which can be further utilized for other activities in the organization.

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