vE Customer Service Bot

vE Customer Service Bot

Helps your users with
any services related queries

vE Customer Service Bot

vE Customer Desk Bot is the Customer Services engine for your organisation that drives better customer engagement and conversion / retention. It helps you with handling basic customer enquiries through our AI / Machine Learning Driven platform, to complex functions of driving customers to be engaged with company. The Bot continues to learn really fast and not only adopts to your environment quickly but adds value through strong predictive analytics for you to convert more leads to customers, and retain / get more business from your customers.


It acts as a ready reckoner for the users for

  • All your service related FAQs
  • Not only answers but can also guide the users to the exact location
  • Step by step guidance
  • Increases a quick familiarity with your services
  • Increases effectiveness of your services
  • Reduces support costs
  • Can seamlessly integrate and pass on the chat to a most suitable and available live agent
  • No customer goes un answered round the clock
  • Helps in quick adoption of processes

How it works

  • Comprehensive and accurate responses to a large extent
  • Quickly learns from the specific data fed in
  • Continuously learns from the user questions
  • Suggests additional relevant questions
  • Library of related questions and answers

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