vE Employee Support Desk Bot

vE Employee
Support Desk Bot

Helps you solve all
your vE related queries

vE Employee Support Desk Bot

ObiE – Employee Support bot that helps you solve all your employee service queries. Built on python it learns really fast and adopts to your environment equally fast. Taught by the organisation specific SoPs so it responds appropriately to all user queries that would otherwise go to your manned service desks.


It acts as a ready reckoner for the users to

  • Find responses to all basic IT, payroll, finance queries
  • Answer all how to dos’
  • Increases a quick familiarity with internal SoPs
  • No user goes unanswered round the clock
  • Increases effectiveness of implementation of a support system
  • Reduces initial training needs
  • Reduces support costs
  • Helps in quick adoption of processes
  • Can seamlessly integrate and pass on the chat to a most suitable and available live agent

How it works

  • Comprehensive and near-to accurate answers
  • Learns from the specific data fed in
  • Continuously learns from the user questions
  • Appropriate responses
  • Library of related questions and answers

Indian New Technologies

vE is a good tool which provides a platform for various communities. It has made teamwork easy as one can create as many groups as well as add an unlimited number of admins and members to it. It has made people socialize and learn on a single platform. Its learning videos are outstanding and provide in-depth knowledge

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