vE Enterprise Solution

vE Enterprise Solution

Helps medium and large enterprises

vE Enterprise Solution

vE Enterprise solution helps medium and large enterprises to bridge gap between objectives and the actual outcome of the IT solutions implemented in the organisations.

  • Make client’s existing Business, HR and other applications work towards meeting business KPIs. We work on the projects depending on specific requirements with various technology expertise with us on application design and development on multiple platforms, databases, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, et al. we have been supporting companies in meeting those objectives which are not being met by the solutions being used. It can be in the form of developing few extensions to the existing system, integration between various applications, modifying the processes, training the man power, helping with generating dashboards & analytical reports out of the existing data, et al.
  • Build Data Analytics, and further AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning through platforms of SAP Leonardo, Microsoft, others as well our own platforms, in existing applications with our client partners.
  • vE’s existing COTS products are used to fill gaps, if any, in existing products that our clients have
  • Strong expertise on enterprise cloud solutions, helps enterprises to meet their potential beyond that current applications can. Enterprises leverage this expertise to move their on premise solutions to cloud, scale up their existing cloud solutions with very high secured environments.
  • vE enterprise solutions have capability to compile information from many sources of data and make it an intelligent data, through our strong data analytics platform. This, coupled with our Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning platform, allows strong predictive analytics for enterprises at various stages of their businesses. Our enterprise solutions, allow companies to run simulation of various scenarios that allows leadership to take intelligent and most accurate decisions.
  • vE enterprise helps in better external engagement to grow business and meets its potential for large enterprises


  • Generate higher ROI on investments already made
  • Improve and strengthens the existing processes, and automate them to bring sustainability in operations
  • Improve key metrics of the organisations, from cost of production/development, to cost of sales, to Revenue per employee,
  • Net Promoter Score, et al
  • Reduce overall IT costs by capitalising on existing applications, and build required customisations and development on top of them. Invest only where needed to fill gaps, and need not replaced all existing applications / infrastructure

How it works

  • By developing and analysing the real time dashboards, analytics which are then further powered by Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for effective decision making
  • Study specific need of the enterprises and ensure it is delivered through customisations, plug ins
  • By developing extensions and plugins to the existing software applications, rather than replacing entire applications
  • To empower the members by training them on the use of existing systems and drive the desired outcome from the applications.
  • Our Solutions deployed are in built with intelligent events and triggers that drive users to take prompt actions. All these are configurable and customizable to specific needs of various enterprises.

Acquaintance HR

vE cloud-based Talent Management system helps me in managing Recruitment Process which includes job requisitions and postings, applicant sourcing, selection with easy reporting and a convenient mobile app for employees- saving time and effort which can be further utilized for other activities in the organization.

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