The Benefits of an Employee Self Service Portal

The Benefits of an Employee Self Service Portal

In today’s competitive environment, human resource management has the dual responsibility of employee well-being, in terms of salary, compensations, and working hours coordinates, to name a few. Maintaining this balance is not everyone’s cup of tea and can also prove to be highly-stressful at times. Therefore, several improvements in the service can improve work-life imbalance and help in retaining job satisfaction.

The relevant answer to this problem is replacement of handling data manually with technologically-advanced tools – Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portals.

Employee Self-Service Portal – A secure platform that abridges the processes of Human Resources, helps in empowering employees’ and even the management to obtain realistic elucidations. Growing number of companies are adopting such applications for realizing great reductions in human resources paperwork as well as workload. Apart from this, it creates a positive work culture by enabling the HR staff to focus more on strategy and planning.

With Employee Self-Service Portal, the key individuals devote more of their energies to the core business responsibilities of specific companies. Moreover, employees’ get their own login access to the portal, so they can view as well as edit their personal information.

Read the following to learn more about the features and key  benefits of employee self-service portal

Proves to be a strategic approach to self-service

Employee self-service portals can save you a lot of time and reduce administrative tasks, while giving employees the opportunity to take control of their information. They can use this portal to record their work hours and even request time-off at times. This reduces their manual load of sending emails for leave requests and save their time to make them focus on other vital tasks of the company.

Eliminates Confusion and Leverages the Power of Mobility

Apart from the improvement in efficacy of administration tasks, the ESS systems enable employees to log on to the portal and view the needed information. This information can be regarding work schedules, certain additions in the benefits, any vacation requests, attendance records and even the leave balances. In addition to this, the employees’ can review several other documents related to certain safety procedures, salary related complaints and other policies of the company. This also saves their time and reduces the burdensome task of responding to countless emails.

Employee Record Keeping

Moreover, the ESS portal has also enabled updating employee information on a regular basis. These portals have complete employee data and employees can update it if not able to inform about any emergencies to the HR department.

Employees can edit personal details

In life, events can happen at any point of time. These many include relocation to new place, marriage, divorce and an employee can even get a new phone number or change his/her bank account. Therefore, it becomes stressful for making changes in your payroll system. But the employee self-service portal allows employees to update their withholding allowances. This is done by simply logging into the ESS system and making respective changes into the information. It is also useful because employees better know their personal information than the HR and line managers do.

Empowers Employees and Improves Workforce Satisfaction

Pertaining to the ESS portals, employees can easily view their schedule and coordinate with their co-workers. They can simply login to their portal and even view time cards, circulation of any shift-changes, and other vital employee highlights. Most importantly, it improves social interaction between the senior management and the subordinates. Not only this, this is highly-beneficial for realizing a great progression in the spirit of companionship within an organization.

Confidentiality And Security Of Data

Personal data of the employees’ in the ESS system is maintained at the highest level of security and its connectivity uses most advanced technology to secure information. Access to this portal is carefully monitored and is also limited to those employees who have the legitimate need to use that information. Employees are given access with passwords to this system and as a part of their work requirements, while adhering to the policies that ensures strict confidentiality of this data.

Reduction in carbon footprint during paper production

These days, it has become imperative for the corporations to take care of the environment towards the creation of a paperless work culture. By using software such as the ESS portal, companies can easily contribute to the change of going paperless, thereby creating green, clean and healthy surroundings.

Summary – More and more aspects of everyday life are turning to self-service and people have grown familiarized to doing tasks by themselves. Such HRMS employee self-service solutions are lending a helping hand in enhancing the transparency of employee information as well as enhancing data security. It’s likely that the employee-self-service applications will continue to grow in the future, seeing that this move has efficacy and financial advantages for businesses’.

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