ValeurHR x Co. Spaces: Technology & HR Management Automation for SMEs

ValeurHR x Co. Spaces: Technology & HR Management Automation for SMEs

ValeurHR is proud to have co-organized our Lunchtime Talk event with Co. Spaces yesterday at their High Street Co-working Office, to share with the entire Co. Spaces community and our audience on how technology can help SMEs streamline their business processes and achieve their business KPIs. The event was a success, thanks to our partner and our very participative audience!

Our event attracted an audience of diverse backgrounds, from entrepreneurs who have sold and exited their company to young founders who are just starting up. It was great to hear from them their thoughts and experiences on the various challenges and struggles relating to Human Resource (HR) and Business Process Management (BP).

During the event, our CEO, Mr. Jaiprakash Singh Hasrajani, shared his valuable experiences in the HR and BPM industry with our audience. Despite technological advancements and the growth of more and more HR tools, most SMEs today are still relying on outdated technologies such as Microsoft Excel to manage their HR operations. As a result, this often results in efficiencies and higher operating costs for companies.

Furthermore, having a HR or BPM software does not necessarily mean that it will help the organization to achieve their business goals and objectives. It requires alignment from the entire organization and working closely with vendors in customizing and unleashing the full potential of the software to meet the unique needs of the organization.

Mr. Jaiprakash elaborated on several case studies during his talk – one of which highlights how a client, a $3 billion-dollar international MNC, has benefited from the customizability of our BPM software, vExecution. It excels at meeting their daily business and reporting needs, despite also already using other top enterprise software.

He also highlighted the importance of having the right metrics and analytics in driving business decisions. Such business indicators coupled with data visualization techniques (such as Traffic Light Indicators) make it easy for top and lower management to easily track the performance of each business function. It also helps to ensure organizational alignment and focused efforts towards meeting the company’s goals. This is the reason why our BPM software, vExecution, is equipped with data analytics capabilities to bring greater value to our clients.

One of our attendees also shared and explained the importance of Net Promoter Score (NPS) which helps companies measure the loyalty of their firm’s relationships with its customers, and how it can be implemented within the organization.

The event was not just a talk, but a two-way dialogue between our speaker and our audience. It was an insightful and enjoyable lunchtime session, and we look forward to future event collaborations with Co. Spaces!

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