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ValeurHR x Co. Spaces: Technology & HR Management Automation for SMEs

ValeurHR is proud to have co-organized our Lunchtime Talk event with Co. Spaces yesterday at their High Street Co-working Office, ...
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Six Common Mistakes Companies Make in Payroll Processing

Six Common Mistakes Companies Make in Payroll Processing Any business with employees must have a system to handle all the ...
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Big Data

Impact of Big Data on HR

Impact of Big Data Technology on HR Businesses are evolving and big data technology is everywhere these days. It is ...
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The Benefits of an Employee Self Service Portal

In today’s competitive environment, human resource management has the dual responsibility of employee well-being, in terms of salary, compensations, and ...
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The Advantages of an Integrated HR & Payroll System

The HRMS industry is evolving and undergoing a lot of innovation. The corporate structures of variably-sized businesses often include payroll ...
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Your 10 point BPM Implementation checklist

Business process management (BPM) is a step by step method to making an organization’s work process more effective. Business Process ...
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BPM Program

How to measure the success of a BPM program

There is no dearth of articles and blogs that will tell you about why you should implement BPM in your ...
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business process management

How Business Process Management will change your small business

Let's face it; lot of small businesses adopt conventional methods in managing the processes involved in accomplishing business tasks and ...
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